Collaboration - the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something

As far as JDS Unified is concerned, the easier it is for our staff to collaborate, the better our business is. After all, our people and their skills are what our customers’ value most. And we believe that this applies to most other businesses.

We’ve used these collaboration tools and others to change our own business. Our sales and technical teams are spread geographically and it is often costly and impractical for our people to meet physically.

We use several layers of technology to solve this problem, from presence and instant messaging deployment on every PC and laptop through to access for all to business quality audio, web and video conferencing. It has fundamentally changed our business - our people are enabled, wherever they work, we debate and make decisions more quickly and are much more agile.

Some of our clients have used our collaboration solutions to address their very direct requirement to see each other and share business tools and applications without being face to face.

We’ve partnered with government bodies and others to deliver solutions that support flexible workers; addressing inclusion and teamwork.

All of our clients wish to make collaboration more effective and give users choice over how they wish these interactions to take place. Our technical teams deploy messaging, presence, application sharing, video and audio conferencing solutions to positively change the way that our customers work.